Welcome to the world premiere of CineMigrants!

We promote the creative work of emigrant filmmakers that we find from all over the globe.

Calling all cinema enthusiasts! We're scouring the globe to bring you a curated stream of five new films every month PLUS an exclusive live chat with emigrant creators. Join us on this exciting journey to quench your thirst for high-quality independent cinema, ask all your burning questions, and vote for your favorite film. All while helping us to give the much needed global exposure and support to independent cinema and its very special creators, the CineMigrants!

But who are we really? Well, we are too "CineMigrants". The original idea was dreamed up by our very own Janos Zoltan who has managed to unite a bunch of very independent, Hungarian filmmakers that live and work in Australia. After months and months of planning and organising, sprinkled with plenty of heated discussions, the final lineup with all its content was ready to shine. On 13th and 14th of June 2019 in the heart of Budapest at the cozy Art+ Cinema theatre, the first films were screened, loved, appreciated, and analyzed by a lovely and receptive audience. The wheel of CineMigrant was pushed into motion.

After the successful first-ever event in Budapest, we have agreed that we've definitely stumbled onto something that people find interesting. So we had the idea to establish similar events in other countries, which then quickly got changed into an online streaming event by the 'RONA' (COVID-19).

So starting from the 25th of June 2020, every month the judges of CineMigrants will select the Top5 films from the submissions of emigrant filmmakers from around the world, and screen them in the online "Streaming Theatre", our very own "Streatre". We'll also host a Q&A podcast featuring the filmmakers of the Top5 films as part of our online festival, where we'll ask questions submitted by the audience as well as dig deep into what makes the selected creators tick.

We have a limited V.I.P. membership offer! Everyone who joins in 2020 will not only gain access to the monthly online film festival but also receives a bonus V.I.P. access to our sister channel INSPIREFLIX!

On the other hand, if you're an independent filmmaker who is also a migrant living and working in your new chosen home, then this is the place for you to shine, win awards, AND awesome prizes!!! Register and submit your film, and seize this great chance to be recognized, and appreciated by fellow filmmakers and cinephiles from around the world! It is free to submit your film(s) so don't hesitate, join CineMigrants today!